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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Oracle North America Recruitment Contact Details

To contact the Oracle North America Recruitment Team, you can use the following form below:
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If this form is not working, you can contact also contact Jason Nowell of Oracle's North America Recruitment Team at:

Jason Nowell
US Tel +1 303 399 3559

Friday, February 1, 2008

What it is like working at Oracle

Applications Business Development Team

The Applications Business Development team focuses on the creation of new sales opportunities for us within the commercial market.

The exciting thing about working in this team is the exposure to several facets of Oracle's application business, including sales, marketing, industry & solution presales, as well as working with the Oracle partners. The team includes members from each country throughout the Asia-Pacific, which fosters a diverse approach to demand generation.

Employees in the business get the chance to interact with executives in multiple industries as they qualify sales opportunities. They then incorporate other resources within Oracle - and the partner community - to bring our sales deals through to closure.

Watch this Business Group, because we plan to increase Oracle's foothold on the mid-market as we work to incorporate Oracle's Business Accelerators. This will ensure that all potential customers see reasonable prices and fast implementations.

When we are looking for people to join this group, I find people are always interested in talking to us, as I mentioned in an earlier post it is important to find the right role for potential candidates in Oracle and if you are looking for great sales opportuntity - the Oracle Apps Business Development Team may be the group for you.

Middleware Sales Team

As the fastest growing business in Oracle, our Middleware Sales Team in ANZ is a team within Oracle that has been actively recruiting of late. The Middleware Sales Group focuses on building solutions for customers in many different areas related to Security, User Interaction, SOA, Business Process Management, New Application development, Complex Event Processing, and providing a foundation for Fusion Applications.

The exciting thing about working in this team is the opportunity to work for the fastest growing area at Oracle and in the IT market. This means you will need to thrive in an environment of growth, teaming, and change. We have built a successful Sales Team including recent additions through the acquisition of BEA. Employees in the business get the chance to work on a number of different solution areas and large deals. Customers see the need for Middleware as they try to solve their everyday business problems. Often you need to be creative and think differently as customers look to you and your team as a solution to their most pressing needs.

Watch this space, we plan on taking on our competitors aggressively yet increasing profitability, and our customer base in Australia and New Zealand. The Sales GM moved to Australia six years ago from Oracle in California and he imagined Oracle would be the same dynamic place to work with a lot of intelligent, motivated people as in San Francisco. He found this was absolutely the case, but found that Oracle was the best kept secret in Sydney and Melbourne. Most people in the industry did not understand how smart, motivated, and really enthusiastic this group is! If you come to work at Oracle you will get a real buzz out of coming to work. If you like challenges and rewards for rising to these challenges, you will get a lot out of being here.

Retail Global Business Team

One of the first Business Groups that I started doing work with when I joined Oracle almost 3 years ago was our Retail Global Business Unit (RGBU).

The Retail Business Group is the number one provider of innovative and comprehensive industry software solutions for retailers – enabling organizations to serve their customers better by applying insight into daily business decisions for more profitable results. With software that provides supply chain, operations, merchandising, store systems, optimization as well as enterprise applications and infrastructure software, Oracle partners with the world’s leading retail companies, including 20 of the top 20 retailers worldwide, to transform the economics of their businesses.

The exciting thing about working in this team is that working in the Retail Business Group provides exciting opportunities to work nationally, regionally and globally on marquee customer projects. Employees in the business get the chance to implement the latest versions of the Oracle Retail assets on their projects while working to help their customers achieve success.... Watch this space as we extend our growth into Asia Pacific and Japan working with the rest of Oracle as One Red Team.

CRM On Demand Solution Consulting Team (SaaS)

The CRM On Demand Solution Consulting Group works together with the CRM On Demand Sales team to understand customer issues and needs and translates the CRM On Demand product capabilities into a solution to address those needs. In other words, we are constantly presenting and demonstrating our lovely application! Often we also find ourselves evangelizing this SaaS product. Education and knowledge transfter both in- and outside of Oracle is an important component of our work as product specialists.

The exciting thing about working in this team is that we are basically a startup inside a larger organization. CRM On Demand is 4 years old and in its 15th release. We don’t only have a rapidly evolving, class leading product, we have the customer base and pipeline. Since we are specialists, we tend to travel more than others and this is also an interesting part to working for Oracle at the moment.

This team really get the chance to show what they are made off. We have the latest technology at our fingertips, all we need to do is show how can effectively leverage the Oracle Eco System of our local partner and Oracle sales community to bring deals in the door.

Watch this space, we are in the middle of launching our Social CRM applications on a multi-week APAC wide roadshow. These apps are only the beginning of an exciting stream of end-user focussed SaaS applications that Oracle is bringing to market. If you are keen to be part of something new, rather than watching things unfold from the sidelines, CRM On Demand Consulting could be something for you.

Oracle Technology Sales Team

The Technology Sales group is responsible for the growth of the world's #1 database platform and related products including Middleware and Business Intelligence offerings.

The exciting thing about working in this team is that the Technology sales groups provides opportunities to work across many and varied customers from lone developers, small and midsize business, or large corporate enterprise across multiple business and technical focus areas. New innovations such as the HP Oracle Exadata Storage Server provides new opportunities.

The Technology sales group provides the opportunity to work on large complex sales engagements, across the spectrum of Oracle customers, providing a broad range of Oracle technology offerings that support vertical industries such as Financial Services, Telco, Retail and Government to horizontal solutions such as Financials , HCM, SCM etc.

Oracle will continue to focus on developing and extending the core technology offering to provide innovation and leadership to customers. Innovations such as the HP Oracle Exadata Storage Server and the HP Oracle Database Machine, revolutionise high performance data warehousing. Customers are experiencing performance boosts of 10x or more over their current Oracle data warehouses.

Oracle APAC Recruitment Contact Details

To contact the Oracle APAC Recruitment Team, you can use the following form below:
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If this form is not working, you can contact also contact members of the APAC Recruitment Team at:

For General Enquiries and for opportunities in ANZ and ASEAN:
David Talamelli
AU Tel +61 3 8616 3364
NZ Tel +64 99 77 2162

For Enquiries in Greater China and Northern APAC Region:
Lucy Zhuang
CN Tel +8610 6535 6566

For Enquiries in India:
Prashant Singh
IN Tel +91 80 4029 8440

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