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Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008...A Review and 2009...A New Beginning

Happy Holidays to all of our readers.

Work wise, it has been a quiet few days over the holiday period that has been spent enjoying time with family and friends. It is good to take a break and reflect on the year that has been and on the New Year that is upon us.

2008...A Review

2008 has been an exciting year for our Recruitment Team here at Oracle, we have welcomed a number of new employees into our family (either from acquisition or as new hires) and it has been great to see these people contribute to our overall success. Personally I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with some truly talented individuals and it is great to see so many people passionate about what they are doing.

I began posting on this blog in May 2008 with the hope of sharing information about Oracle and also to share my thoughts and ideas in the IT and Recruitment Industries. Over the past 6 months this blog has grown to include contributing writers from our China and India Recruitment Teams and we have had 6000+ views of the Oracle APAC Recruitment Blog. I hope that the information we have shared has been informative and/or useful to our readers.

2009...Time to think about new beginnings

2009 will be an exciting year it will bring us new challenges in the global markets and businesses will be working in a much different economic climate than 2008. I find it is often at these times when we tend to grow and innovate to continue to be successful.

In 2009 I would like for our APAC Recruitment Team to continue to share with our readers on our thoughts and ideas on what is happening both here at Oracle and in the greater IT industry. I am hoping for more surveys, more stories, and also input from our readers.

I would welcome any comments/ideas/suggestions from our readers - if there is any topic or segment you would like us to cover or talk about let us know and we will answer your questions as best we can.

Thank you all for a fantastic 2008 and a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2009.

David Talamelli

Friday, December 19, 2008

Oracle Corp.: Ranked #1 Human Resource Company in China

Over the last five months, the major job portal in China, 51JOB conducted an extensive screening and selection process to identify the top 100 companies in China that have demonstrated best practices in the area of Human Resources Management.

Through their initial screening of numerous companies, followed by data collection and analysis of hundreds of companies, combined with telephone and face-to-face interviews, they have identified the 100 companies whose Human Resources practices have significantly contributed to their success.

This has been one of the most comprehensive, in-depth and far-reaching awards in the field of Human Resources in China and these 100 companies, with their demonstrated best practices, can and should serve as models for other companies in China.

In November 2008, it was announced that Oracle's China Recruitment Team is the winner of the 2008 “100 Best Human Resources Management (HRM) Companies” Award and won a second award of “Best Campus Recruitment Practice for 2008” as well.

Malcolm Bentley, Head of Oracle Recruitment Greater China and Korea, was interviewed in July this year in relation to Oracle Internal Recruitment Function and Campus Recruitment Program.

The author of this article is the Head of the Oracle Greater China Recruitment Team and can be contacted on .

Oracle Q2 Results: Results in Line with Expectations

Oracle today released it Q2 results and our second quarter was in line with expectations as earnings excluding charges hit targets on lower than expected revenue.


Also of interest was news from Larry Ellison: “We signed our largest on-demand sales force automation contract this quarter,” said Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison. “This was just one of several recent wins over We also sold our first database machine, launching an all new and important business for Oracle.”

In an article by Jim Goldman Oracle Withstands Currency Headwinds it was interesting to note that Brendan Barnicle, software analyst at Pacific Crest Securities, called Oracle's performance a "home run," especially in this climate, and especially with those currency fluctuations, pointing to the company's surprisingly strong applications software business and solid database unit.

Oracle had second quarter revenue from Asia Pacific of $822 million. This figure is up modestly from the first quarter and year ago quarter.

It is great to see all the hard work that we do here come together to achieve these results.

Other news facts include:

-Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL) today announced fiscal 2009 Q2 GAAP earnings per share were $0.25, in line with GAAP earnings per share in Q2 of last year. Second quarter GAAP total revenues were up 6% to $5.6 billion, while quarterly GAAP net income was down 1% to $1.3 billion. GAAP software revenues were up 8% to $4.5 billion with new software license revenues down 3% to $1.6 billion. GAAP software license updates and product support revenues were up 14% to $2.9 billion. GAAP services revenues were down 2% to $1.1 billion. GAAP operating income was up 11% to $2.0 billion and GAAP operating margin was up 166 basis points to 35%. GAAP operating cash flow on a trailing twelve month basis was $8.1 billion, up 16%.

-“Our non-GAAP operating income grew 25% in constant currency to $2.6 billion in Q2, resulting in operating margins of 46%,” said Oracle Executive Vice President and CFO, Jeff Epstein. “In addition, Oracle generated $7.6 billion in free cash flow in the past twelve months, up 15% over the same period last year.”

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recruiting Survey Results: What would you do??

Last Thursday I raised the question "if you were approached by a Recruiter about a new opportunity would you be interested in exploring further?" with our readers. Over the past few days there have 20 responses to this question and the results were a little bit different than I had thought they would be.

The results of the Survey were:

-No, I am comfortable and happy in my current role/company - 15%
-Yes, I am actively looking for a new role - 30%
-Yes, but only if it provided me with career advancement or other opps. - 35%
-Yes, but only if it was a significant increase in salary - 20%

I initially suggested that a larger percentage of people would say "No, I am happy where I am" - this suggests to me that people in today's environment are more open to the idea of new opportunities then they may have been as long as it falls in line with what they are looking for. One possible reason for this could be the changing demographics of the workplace. With more Generation Y workers joining the workforce, there is a shift in the thinking of what a career means to a person (note: this is a small sample size of 20, however I can see this shift in my daily interaction with candidates).

The other interesting point to note was that people who would move but are not actively looking for a new role are more interested in the career advancement more so than the salary increase. When changing roles, salary makes up only one portion of the reason people look to move and should not be the focus point - I do believe in the saying: do the work what you enjoy (love) and the rewards will follow.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Recruiting Survey: What would you do???

I had the chance to meet Thomas Shaw (CEO of Recruitment Directory) earlier today, it was great to meet him and we had a very thought provoking conversation.

As Thomas and I spoke about passive and active candidates, it got me to thinking of some statistics that I had been told years ago during some training and I thought I would put those statistics to the test.

A number of Recruitment Professionals classify candidates as either being Active Candidates or Passive Candidates. Active Candidates being people who are actively seeking a new role and Passive Candidates being people who Recruiters may approach about roles when they are not necessarily looking for a new role.

Loosely speaking the statistics generally look like this: out of 100% of the workforce: 15% of that workforce is actively looking for a new role. Out of the remaining 85% of the workforce 40% would say "no, I am not interested in a new role" if they received a call from a Recruiter, while the other 45% would say "yes, I would be interested in a new role" if they received a call from a Recruiter.

I have put this survey above together and would like to get our readers thoughts to see what they would do if they were to receive a call from a Recruiter about potential new roles or opportunities.

It would be interesting to see what the results. As you know Recruiters talk to both "Active and Passive Candidates" but regardless of what type of candidate you are I still believe the main thing is to find the right role for an individual that meets what they are looking for (whether it is money, career, work/life balance, etc...)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can Work be both Challenging and Fun??? by Lucy Zhuang

As a Recruiter for Oracle in Beijing, the one question that I always ask candidates during the interview process is “Why would you like to work for Oracle?” I have received a whole range of different answers, but I have an answer that you may not have thought of from my own personal experiences and that is… may have a lot of fun working with us.

Early this year, a co-worker of mine volunteered me to participate in ORACLE IDOL. To explain, ORACLE IDOL was put together for Oracle China Employees and is a take off of the television show China Idol (as well as American Idol, UK idol, Australian Idol, etc…) where contestants sing and a winner is selected. I did not think it was a big deal to sing a song in a Karaoke contest even though I am not that good a singer, but I have to say I had an amazing experience from participating in ORACLE IDOL.

Oracle not only provided a very fancy location, but also offered us a professional make-up service, a photographer, music, a brochure and a banner for each participant’s fans. We were able to invite our families, friends and colleagues as fans to support us. I found that we have many excellent performers within Oracle whose singing and dancing skills almost reach professional level. It was a great experience and sitting there, I felt really proud of myself for being part of such a superb team and company.

So if you are talking to one of our Recruiters and we ask you why do you want to join Oracle? You could say that by joining our family you could be part of the fun too (as well as all the interesting work that we do as well). Yes, the work we do is challenging and exciting and at times can take up a lot of our focus, but with events like ORACLE IDOL it is great to be able to have fun at work as well.
The author of this article has been with the Oracle China Recruitment Team for the past two years and can be contacted on

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Recruitment is Becoming an Increasingly Transparent Business

With the advent and increased usage of the various social networking sites available I believe recruitment will increasingly become a much more transparent business then it traditionally has been in the past.

In the past, it was the Recruiter's who held most of the information about a Candidate and vice versa about a Hiring Manager. A Hiring Manager or Candidate would have to rely on getting information they wanted about each other from the Recruiter. This put the control of the flow of information for the most part with the Recruiter.

However, with sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Personal Blogs, etc.... information about a Candidate or about a Hiring Manager is no longer just in the hands of a Recruiter. For example, with the right search criteria Candidates can find out what a company is like to work at, why a role is open, what a Hiring Manager is like, etc... I think our roles as Recruiters is changing. A Recruiter's role should be to act as a facilitator in the hiring process and be able to provide the relevant information to both Candidates and Hiring Managers for them to be able to make an informed decision.

With the information available online and on social networking sites, it is not just about finding the right person for a role, I think that is only half the job. It is also equally important to find out what type of role a Candidate is looking for in his next challenge. If a Recruiter can find the right fit for a Candidate and Hiring Manager then it leads to a road for success. If Recruiters are only concerned about meeting their KPI's or putting "bums on seats" it is hard to see that model being successful for a sustained period of time, especially in today's environment.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Inspecht HR Futures Conference - Feb. 26th 2009 - Melb. Australia

The Inspecht HR Futures Conference is a 1 day event on 26 February 2009 in Melbourne Australia. This will bring together speakers covering all areas of HR, Recruiting and Technology to discuss how social media, innovation, culture and technology empower, attract, engage and evolve employees.

I will be sitting on a Panel called: Future of Recruiting - This session will bring together Thomas Shaw CEO of Recruitment Directory, Riges Younan CEO of 2Vouch, Geoff Jennings Director & Founder of Online Recruitment and David Talamelli Principal Recruiter from Oracle Corporation.

Each panel member will have three minutes to give you their vision of recruitment in the future followed by an interactive questions and answer session. During the questions session you can explore topics from the day or the panelists views on the future of recruiting.

Michael Specht has put together a great list of speakers and panelists. I look forward to hearing their thoughts and ideas on the world of Recruitment.

A quick overview of the day is:

Time Session Speaker
8:30 AM Arrival & Registration with Tea and Coffee
9:00 AM Welcome and Introduction Michael Specht
9:10 AM Keynote - Thoughts from TED 2009 Stephen Collins
10:10 AM Implementation of Enterprise 2.0 and its Value in Organisations Sean Lew
10:50 AM Morning tea
11:10 AM TBD
11:50 AM Web 2.0 in recruitment Thomas Shaw
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Case study on informal learning Jasmin Tragas
2:15 PM Legal issues to consider for Web 2.0 Michael Park
3:00 PM Afternoon Tea
3:15 PM Reframing Professional Development with Enterprise 2.0 Anne Bartlett-Bragg
4:00 PM Panel: Branding & Social Media and its impact on HR Stephen Collins, Sean Lew, Jasmin Tragas, Anne Bartlett-Bragg
4:30 PM Panel: Future of Recruiting Thomas Shaw, Riges Younan, David Talamelli, Geoff Jennings
5:15 PM A few closing remarks Michael Specht
5:30 PM Informal networking

Details of the Conference and information can be found at

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Geographical Boundaries do not Restrict our Long Distance Relationships… Rajendra Prasad

Yesterday, I was speaking from Hyderabad (India) to three Hiring Managers – one in the US , one in the UK and one in the Philippines about their individual recruiting requirements. Soon after that, I went on a call with one of my colleagues from Noida (India), discussing a few critical requirements and later on had a call from my manager from Bangalore (India) inquiring on the status of some new joinees.

This is just a glimpse at a small segment of the typical work day at Oracle.

I imagine this is how many global organizations work today. Long, long gone are the days when all your colleagues are just a whistle away from your cubicle….When there was the personal touch to all your conversations. The team dynamics, of course have changed.

Or has it really changed?

As I don’t feel the change.

Even though I work in a global team and many of my colleagues are in different locations, I feel more of being a part of the team that has stood next to me all through. I have so many connect calls, one-on-one discussions, regular team meetings & outings, fun activities…. that it is impossible to think that I am a stand alone working remotely.

I have never felt this bonding with the rest of the team in my earlier organizations, not to this level. Then what’s different at Oracle?

I attribute this connected feeling with the rest of my team spread across the globe – to the people involved. Here at Oracle I believe it’s PEOPLE are the determining factor.

Geographical boundaries do not restrict our long distance relationships…..!!!

We talk to each other, we inspire each other, we commit mistakes together, we share our successes and our failures – but help ourselves to rise and finish the marathon. We are all a part of the family…we are ORACLE.

The author of this article has been with Oracle India Recruitment Team for the past two & half years and can be contacted on

Monday, November 24, 2008

Create your own Luck – by Prashant Singh

Hello folks, I am one of the Recruiters for Oracle based out of Bangalore office.

We often get to hear how someone got lucky to get a job or was lucky to be promoted, etc… While some people think they just got lucky in life and that’s that, I honestly think you tend to create your own luck in both your work and personal life.

To reach our goals, the secret to success is within us, what do I mean by this?
I think that this means that by using the Laws of Nature you create your own reality - Good or Bad. Good thoughts and actions create good outcomes and vice versa. The Positive energy created from within us influences each one of us to move towards success. It’s the feeling that we create in our day-to-day life, at work, at home or anywhere else.

People create their own luck by doing the things that puts them in a position to succeed. For example – by having a LinkedIn account, messaging on Twitter, submit their resume’s in recruitment portals, being involved in the IT Community, etc… it is more likely you will get noticed and called up “out of the blue” by a Recruiter. While some people think getting a call like this is lucky, it is not luck at all but really the work that someone does to make themselves get noticed and be found by Recruiters.

In short, you can create you own luck by getting things done at the right place and at the right time.

Earlier this year at our Recruitment Kickoff in India I heard other success stories, thoughts and the passion for recruitment from members of our Recruitment Team. So many of our colleagues here at Oracle share a passion for recruitment and have the zeal to innovate – I think we are creating our own luck through our great teamwork and dedication. If you are interested in “creating your own luck” contact us, we may have that next career role you are looking for.

The author of this article has been with Oracle India Recruitment Team for the past two years and can be contacted on

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oracle at the Australian Corporate Games

The Australian Corporate Games are being held this weekend in Melbourne and Oracle has again shown its sporting drive and enthusiasm with 150+ participants being entered this year by Oracle. Special Thanks to Oracle AU for providing the support for us to get involved in this event each year.

This year I competed in the 5km run on Saturday morning and the Men's Basketball held on Saturday night. It was a great chance to get out, stay fit and have a run. It is also a great chance to compete and play with colleagues from our greater Oracle Team - we have had people from every business line involved and we really come together as "One Red Team".

We have some gifted athletes here at Oracle - congratulations to Kate on finishing 3rd in her division in the running event. I have included a few photos of Oracle's Men's and Mixed Basketball Teams. We had a great time playing and look forward to doing it all again next year.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coming Soon: New Blog Contributing Writers...Oracle India

For regular readers you may have noticed the title of this blog has changed to "Oracle Asia Pacific Recruitment Blog" recently.

Oracle has a global team of Recruiters who help identify and bring talented people into the organisation. Our APAC Recruitment Team covers operations across the region including Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Philippines and India as well as many other countries.

We are looking forward to new contributing editorials from members of our India Team (thanks Sreejith, Deepak and Prashant for offering your commentary) on our Recruitment Blog.

Below is a picture of our Oracle Recruitment Team in India.

and a brief overview of Oracle in India:

More than twenty years ago, before India became recognized as the dynamic force in information technology that is known to be today, Oracle was one of the first multinational software companies to set up operations in India.

This early commitment to the country marked Oracle's vision for India as both a domestic market and a center for research and development. The company became the first multinational company to establish core software development operations in India to support its global product development strategy and to address the needs of the local market.

Today Oracle has offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad and sales and marketing offices across six Indian cities. We look forward to hearing more from our team in India.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life at Oracle....A View from our Graduates

What a fantastic Blog that has been created by some of our 2008 APAC Graduates. The link to the blog is:

A quick overview from the Oracle Reds Blog:

"Oracle Reds are existing Graduates in the Oracle Graduate Development Program whose role is to interface, inform and inspire undergraduates in our previous universities about Oracle and the Oracle Graduate Development Program.

We want to create a platform for us to be highly open, sincere, honest about our experiences in Oracle.

We want to help you in making an informed decision before joining.

We hope that through this blog, you can have a taste of our exciting lives in Oracle!"

It is great to see a different perspective on life at Oracle and it is great to see such enthusiasm, innovation and passion coming from our Graduates. With people leading by example as our Graduates are I believe Oracle is truly in good hands for the future.

I hope this you enjoy reading about the experiences our 2008 Graduates are experiencing here.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Strive to do what You Enjoy

I read an interesting Blog entry today from Kate Carruthers in Australia.

The title of the Blog is : " Why work in IT? 17,500 jobs slashed at BT, Sun and Yahoo!

I think during downturns in the economy reporters tend to report all the "doom and gloom" stories as it grabs the headlines and it can be easy to get swept up in the headlines.

While there are number of companies announcing lay-offs and redunancies there are still a number of companies that are hiring which tends to go unnoticed during these tough financial times.

In IT there are some great people and companies who really make innovative solutions and it can be very satisfying to be involved in that.

I think the reason for people to go into IT or stay in IT is not just about job security or salary, but people should aim to do something they enjoy and love (if they want to be accountants - go for it, but if coding is what someone enjoys they should strive for that). Your career can be your ticket to do the things you want to do and while you may not get there straight away, I think it is a good idea to spend your days doing the things you enjoy if possible.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gen Y......The New Workforce

Today I read an interesting article from the website. The link to the article is:

"Trends in Gen Y Workers, Research Reveals seventy percent of recent college graduates leave their jobs within two years of being hired, according to a survey exploring the working and job searching habits of so-called Generation Y.

**43% of Gen Y are not in the career they expected to be in after college, either because they couldn't find a job, or another opportunity presented itself

**60% are currently looking for another job or career, despite the fact that 57% indicated that they are also happy at their current job.

**74% of recent graduates are in a career that aligns with their college major"

The thing that I notice in these figures is that in today's workforce, while many people are happy in their current roles they are open to exploring opportunities else where if a new role matches an individuals career plans or addresses some need they are looking to fill. Being happy in a role or company does not automatically mean a person will stay there indefinitely. I find this is not unique to just Gen Y, but this happens with most people in the IT profession at all levels.

When I talk to candidates, I think it is important to work out first what a candidate wants to do and then we can see what the 'best fit' opportunity may be. If you are going to move from a role you are happy in, it needs to be for the right reasons, so if you are talking to us let's work out what you are looking for and see if we can find that fit whether it is career advancement, work/life balance, travel, etc......

I think this is quite an interesting subject (from the perspective of a Gen X'er), if you are looking for information on the different traits, motivations, drivers, etc... of the different generations (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y), there are a few good books and articles out there by local Australian Bernard Salt and also by Kevin Wheeler who is based in the US which would certainly be worth looking up or having a look for at your local book store.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Oracle Graduate Program Hiring for January 2009

At Oracle, you make the difference

Oracle Corporation is the world's leading supplier of software for information management, and the world's second largest independent software company. With annual revenues of more than $US 18 billion, the company offers its database, tools and application products, along with related consulting, education, and support services.

Oracle Graduate Program - Oracle Australia

The Oracle Australia Graduate Development Program is a 2-year program. We are seeking Graduates for Australia's Graduate Program starting in January 2009.

The Oracle Australia Graduate Development Program is a 2-year program consisting of orientation, formal training, project rotations in the core lines of business, and finally job placement. The formal training is a combination of structured development programs on soft skills and functional competencies via various delivery formats. The three phases of this program are as follows:

Phase-I (2-months)

Phase-II (10-months)
Project Rotations

Phase-III (12-months)
Role Readiness

Roles are available in: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra

You Add Value and Build Your Career:
The 'Quality of Job' we are offering can be judged by the kind of competencies that you get to develop during the course of your career at Oracle. We will develop your competencies pertaining to your job. There are five well-defined levels for each of the competencies. Your Career grows as you grow on these levels. And interestingly, you very well know the competencies you need to focus on in order to grow in the given role.

As You Master the competencies in the course of your career, you grow in your specialisation. There are five different levels of these competencies that are well defined in terms of behavioral indicators so that you can explore and realize your true potential.

After 2-years of training and development, you will be assigned to one of a range of roles that include Sales (Account Management/Pre-sales), Consulting, Marketing, OracleDirect, Support, or Channels and Alliances.

How to Apply:
Please send your resumes to

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oracle's Acquisition Strategy Continues Part 5

Oracle Buys Haley - Expands Oracle’s Applications Drive into Social Services; Adds Enterprise Policy Automation for Legislated and Regulated Industries

Oracle Buys Haley (Ruleburst)

Today, Oracle announced it has agreed to acquire RuleBurst Holdings Limited, the parent company of Haley Limited, a leading provider of policy modeling and automation software, to create an end-to-end solution for social services agencies.

Social service agencies are moving to commercial software to automate entitlements. With limited resources to serve a growing constituency, these agencies need to administer and distribute entitlements consistently and accurately as defined by the underlying legislation. Haley's policy automation platform translates legislation and policies into defined, automated rules that are deployed in an application.

Together with Oracle’s ERP and Siebel CRM applications, Oracle expects to create the first packaged software solution for social services agencies with an enhanced case management application utilizing Haley to drive eligibility determinations.

Haley management and employees are expected to join Oracle to form a global business unit focused on enterprise policy automation solutions across multiple industries. Haley’s CEO Dominic O’Hanlon is expected to lead the business unit as Senior Vice President and General Manager.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Australian Computer Society: Presentation Wrap

Last night I presented to the Australian Computer Society in Melbourne and took the chance to talk to people a little bit about Oracle, some of the work that we are doing and how people end up finding jobs with us.

Special thanks go out to Yasas and Daphne from ACS for their support in organising this event, and also to Fiona and Amrit from the Young IT committee for helping out and not to forget Dylan (Swinburne Student Ambassador), who did the poster. Thanks also go to Wayne Moncur, Vic Immediate Past Chair for attending the event.

From what I could see we had approximately 40 people attend and it was good to talk to people before and after the presentation as well. One surprise was that in a room full of IT people only myself and one other person currently uses Twitter (I would have thought there would have been a few more). It is great to see such enthusiasm about Oracle in the IT community and hopefully the session was informative for everyone.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Companies do Recruit in both Booms and Busts

I was reading a blog by Kevin Wheeler a bit earlier on today, the blog was about recruitment, his opening two paragraphs really got me thinking about recruitment in today's environment in what some analysts are calling a potential recession (depending on who you speak to). The quote is:

"When the economic markets look grim, hiring is at a standstill, and budgets are frozen, perspective is what is important. As some have said, “When things are good, they are never as good as they seem. And when things are bad, they are never as bad as they seem.”

We should all use the pause in the hectic pace of the past few years to begin and frame the future we want when we emerge. And we will emerge. I am not sure when, of course, but within a few years we will be back at the global hiring process with renewed vigor and increased challenges."

Over the past few weeks I have had a number of people contact me to see if Oracle is still hiring, if our roles have been put on hold, etc... The answer is YES we are still hiring. While the financial crisis affects us all and will do for some time, from a Recruitment perspective - we still have projects to work on at Oracle or deals to close. We are still busy and still have a lot of work we are doing.

Many of the roles I am recruiting for are for long term projects that are committed to for completion, or for sales positions that have a strong pipeline to follow up on.

In the overall IT industry things may slow down, but companies will still hire people during this time and business still will be conducted. When I was Recruiting for Hewlett Packard in 2002 after the Dotcom Bust we still hired many people into a variety of roles.

As Kevin mentioned things are never as bad as they seem - so if you are interested in Oracle as a potential employer contact us - despite the financial crisis we still have many roles to fill and one of them may be that role you are looking for.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Oracle's Acquisition Strategy Continues Part 3 and Part 4

Oracle's Acquisition Strategy continues:

Oracle Buys Primavera

Creates First, Comprehensive Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Solution for Project-Intensive Industries

Oracle announced it has agreed to acquire Primavera Software, Inc., a leading provider of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions, to accelerate its momentum in delivering mission-critical operational applications.

Oracle and Primavera Link

Oracle Buys Advanced Visual Technology

Enhances Oracle's Insight-Driven Retail Solution Suite with 3D Visual Macro Space Planning

Oracle announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Advanced Visual Technology Ltd.(AVT), a leading provider of 3D visual macro space planning software for retailers. AVT enables retailers to collaborate with their stores and supplier partners to design and plan retail floor space in real time with a current photo-realistic view of each store.

Oracle and Advanced Visual Technology Link

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oracle is Hiring in Melbourne: Multiple Roles

Following up from our blog entry in August:

Oracle Wins National Australia Bank Project

Oracle is now at a stage where we are looking to grow our Consulting Team to work on this project. I think this is going to be an exciting project and team to work from all that I have heard to date.

From a Permanent perspective our Financial Services Consulting Practice is growing and as a result we will be looking at hiring people for the following roles:

1) 3x Developers - Primary Skill: Oracle 9i/10G, PL/SQL - Secondary Skill: Solaris / AIX / HP-UX (2-5 yrs experience)

2) 3x Developers - Primary Skill: Core Java, JDBC, JavaBeans - Secondary Skill: RMI, Servlets, JSP, XML, Enterprise Beans, ANT, Oracle SQL & PL/SQL (2-5 years experience)

3) 1 x Developer - Primary Skill: Visual Basic 6.0, C++, MTS/COM+, SQL 2000 - Secondary Skill: IIS, Windows 2003, UNIX, Oracle (10g), Web Services (3-5 years experience)

4) 2x Domain Expert - Primary Skill: Clearing & Settlement Processes, General Banking knowledge, FX Processing, GL, Bank Reporting Requirements (4-8 years experience)

These are permanent positions and could be a great next step in your career - if you are interested in exploring these opportunities mail your resume to or feel free to contact me on +61 3 8616 3364 if you have any questions or would like to discuss further.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Upcoming Oracle Presentation at Australian Computer Society: Melbourne Australia

Over the past few weeks I have been talking to and meeting with the Australian Computer Society (ACS) about having Oracle present to ACS Members about what it is like to work at Oracle and what skills we feel are in demand.

Special thanks to Yasas and Daphne from ACS who helped co-ordinate this. Details of the date and time are below. If you are interested in attending you must register via the ACS link below.

David Talamelli, Principal Recruiter at Oracle Corporation will provide a presentation detailing what its like to work at Oracle, the skills that are in demand and the recruitment process;

Tuesday 28th October 2008
5:30PM for a 6:00PM Start

Australian Computer Society: Oracle Recruitment Presentation

Friday, September 19, 2008

Oracle Tops Q1 Forecasts, Gives Upbeat Profit Outlook

Oracle has again reported a strong performance in reporting our Q1 Earnings and have exceeded Analysts expectations.

Analysts who follow Oracle expected the company to turn in a profit of 27 cents a share on sales of $5.417 billion, according to a consensus from Thomson Reuters, while we earned 29 cents a share in the first quarter.

Oracle Tops Forecasts, Gives Upbeat Profit Outlook

This was followed up with a strong forecast for our 2nd quarter with expectations that our New License Revenue will continue to grow.

Safra Catz appeared unfazed about the ongoing turmoil in the financial sector, saying, "We don't believe it should have a material impact on the quarter."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Hidden Job Market.....How do I Find It??

If you are reading this blog entry you are on the right path.

I read an article today about how a local Australian Job Board - has expanded in Asia by buying 10% of a Malaysian Job Board - Jobstreet.

Seek buys 10% of Malaysian Job Board Jobstreet

This got me thinking - Open roles posted on Job Boards only make up a small percentage of all the roles that are actually available. I know that I advertise positions on Seek and Jobstreet but the number of people that join Oracle as a result of seeing a job posted on is relatively small.

So how do people end up getting jobs at Oracle???

1) Call/email us, ask our Recruitment Team if we have any suitable roles, if we don't it doesn't mean that a position like the one you are after will not come up in the future.

2) Have an online presence - are you on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc... with all the social networking tools out there it makes it much easier for us to find you. You would have seen from previous posts my thoughts on Social Networking, if you do not have an online presence - begin today.

3) Keep an open mind - you may not 'actively' be looking for a role, but if we have a role that fits your career plan let's talk about it - sometimes opportunity does knock at your door.

4) Referrals - are you telling people you are looking for work?? We are always asking our 80000+ employees at Oracle who they know who may be interested in work with us - one of those people you tell that you are looking for work may be able to refer your details to our Recruitment Team.

5) Are you part of any organisations, communities, associations, etc... Have you written any articles or blogs. The more visible you are in the IT Industry the more opportunities that will present themselves to you.

This is just a quick snapshot of some things you can do, I may edit this blog entry and create a Top 10 List. We do hire people from Job Boards, but we think outside the square as well.

If you do not see a role posted on by Oracle does that mean the role does not exist or that we are not hiring??? Opportunities you may want to know about could be passing you by. Contact us and find out what roles we have, your next career step could be with us!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Other Countries Are Gaining in the War for Talent

I read an interesting blog earlier today titled:

Other Countries Are Gaining in the War for Talent

It is by Raghav Singh and while it is based around the labour shortage that is happening in the US - the article was interesting as it noted: "While a disproportionate number of skilled immigrants still come to the U.S., the numbers that are staying home or are going elsewhere is increasing. Over the last five years, the U.S. attracted an average of 73,000 skilled immigrants annually, down from about 107,000. That may still seem like a lot, but Canada attracted 56,000, Australia 20,000, and even tiny New Zealand managed to get 10,000."

In today's market place when I am recruiting staff here at Oracle, it is no longer about who is available in a city or location - but more so who is the best talent we can identify for a role. In Australia and New Zealand many skilled IT people overseas look to move here for either lifestyle choices or the opportunity to work on new projects, etc... By being able to consider people from outside Australia and New Zealand this increases the potential number of candidates we speak to.

From a candidate perspective moving overseas is a big decision to make. We have hired many people from overseas who have joined us at Oracle in ANZ. I think that before you put you start looking for work overseas you have to go through a thorough thought process and be able to answer:

1)Why do I want to move overseas to a specific location(lifestyle,family,work, etc)?
2)If I have family, is everybody in the family comfortable with this decision?
3)Have I considered salary expectations and cost of living?
4)What Visa requirements must I meet/have to go through?
5)What time frame do I need to be able to relocate?

Moving overseas can be great for your career and also be a great adventure in your life. If you are overseas and would like to think about work with Oracle in ANZ or APAC, have a look at opportunities besides your current location, we may be hiring for that dream job you are looking for now.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Oracle Acquisition Strategy Continues Part 2 + Safra voted 15th most powerful woman

It looks like Oracle's acquisition plan continues to roll along as we have just bought ClearApp:

Oracle buys ClearApp

Two key points I think that this acquisition addresses are:

1) ClearApp addresses the increasingly difficult task of managing composite applications built on SOA platforms by providing visibility of business services across all related application components.

2) ClearApp products and Oracle Enterprise Manager are expected to provide customers with a comprehensive application management solution providing enhanced service levels, reduced system down-time and improved return on SOA investments.

Locally I have seen our SOA based solutions grow from strength to strength and I think technically we are leading the way in the market place.

As a separate comment it is good to see recognition for all of Safra Catz's work in making Oracle as succesful as we are as she has been listed in Forbes magazine recently:

Safra voted 15th most powerful woman in the world

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oracle APAC Graduate Recruitment Program

The Oracle Graduate Recruitment Team has been hard at work since the beginning of the year and has done a fantastic job in identifying and hiring a large number of Graduates in ASEAN and have put in place plans to have Graduates start in Australia and New Zealand in January next year.

I think the Oracle Graduate Program is unique to many of the Graduate Programs available. The difference is that instead of just being a Graduate Developer or Graduate Sales Person, here at Oracle what we do is over the course of 2 years our Grads get to work in numerous business groups like Sales, Consulting, Development, etc... and at the end of two years they can then pick which area best suits them.

I think this is great because it gives people a chance to try a number of different jobs rather than just working in one area without getting to see how the whole business operates and they can see the differences in each group. Many people just starting in their career do not yet know what direction they want to take in their career and I think this program helps give our Graduates the information they need to help them make their individual career choices.

The closing date for this year in Australia and NZ was August 31st, but for Graduates graduating in 2009 you can register your interest at for Australia for New Zealand.

The link to the Oracle Graduate Recruitment Website is:

Friday, August 29, 2008

10 tips to build your network

10 tips to build your network

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I found this great blog entry by Michael Specht about 10 ways to build your network. If someone mentioned the word social networking 10 years ago you would probably think of a room full of sales people passing business cards out. Things have certainly changed.

With the advent of Web 2.0 technologies we are now able to expand our networks exponentially and tailor them to the purpose we need (whether it is fact finding, looking for jobs, looking for candidates, research, personal, etc....).

With networking these days, I find the best way to effectively network is to reach out to both your online and real life communities. So yes - being on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc... is a good way to network but there are still relationships that will be formed and developed only by meeting someone face to face. I think by combining the two and not just relying on your online or real network it will give you the best chance for success.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Employee Retention - Some Thoughts

I came across an article by Rosalie Marshall from the website earlier today, the link to the article is: Companies Urged to Address Staff Turnover

It was interesting to note that the survey of 71 IT organisations found that those with stronger education and training programmes have lower than average turnover rates, and that staff prefer good training to increased pay.

"IT managers often worry that investments in training will be reaped by other organisations when IT workers shop their new skills around," said John Longwell, director of research for Computer Economics.

"But this study indicates that investing in training is actually the best way to retain employees."

The factors commonly perceived as influencing staff turnover are:

-Education and training opportunities
-Flexible schedules
-Work environment
-Social environment
-Insurance benefits
-Employee recognition programmes
-Paid time off
-Retirement programmes
-Telecommuting opportunities

"While offering competitive salaries and benefit packages may be important for recruitment, providing quality-of-life incentives and enhancing working environments are more important for retention," Longwell concluded.

In my role where I am talking to candidates on a daily basis about why they are looking to change jobs, I often find that people change companies because they are looking for new challenges, or looking to develop their career, etc.... When I ask people why are they looking to move the answer is hardly ever "because of lack of pay or benefits".

I enjoy telling people about what it is like to work here at Oracle because I do believe we have some great people and a great culture that makes it enjoyable to be here. I may be a bit biased I know, but I do think we are one of the more progressive companies when it comes to looking after our employees.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Social Networking: The Art of conversation

I have written a few entries on the increased use of Social Networks in the IT and the Recruitment Industry. It seems there are new sites created weekly and the lines can get blurred between which sites provide what services.

The image below from Brian Solis' Blog
I think gives a nice summary of the some of the sites out there and what forum they provide for sharing information, ideas and conversations.

I use many of the sites listed below for different reasons whether its for research, finding great candidates, telling people about Oracle, etc....

I do think there are so many sites available you could spend more hours than there are in a day on them, so you need to work out what message you are trying to broadcast and what audience you are trying to reach to make sites like these really add value to your business.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oracle wins National Australia Bank Work

Earlier this week we had a great sales win in Melbourne which has been in the local press and IT news.

The link is to an article in from and is:Oracle Wins NAB Work

This is going to be a great opportunity to partner with the NAB and help them put together the technical solutions they are looking for to achieve their business goals. From what I have heard and read about it sounds like it will be an exciting project to be involved with.

We had some great new projects last year that we won and it good to see that we are continuing to lead the way locally in the IT market.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Oracle Acquisition Strategy Continues

It appears Oracle's Acquisition Strategy continues....

Oracle announced that is has agreed to acquire Global Knowledge Software.

The link to the Oracle Website outlining the details is: Oracle Buys Global Knowledge Software

Oracle's acquisition strategy has seen us acquire 40+ companies in approximately 4 years. The strategy has paid off quite well and we have been able to extend our range of services, solutions and support to our new and existing customers.

From an Employee perspective this has been an exciting time to work at Oracle. With all the new Business Groups we are forming it has created more and more opportunities to move into new roles and try work with new technology or in new industries.

It is always great to welcome our new colleagues into Oracle and I look forward to meeting any GKS employees and hopefully will get the chance to work together soon.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why would a high caliber individual who has a great job jump ship?

I receive a regular email from Kennedy Information each week which has interesting articles on the Recruitment Industry including Trends, Ideas, Stories, etc...

This morning I received the email as normal and immediately clicked to the following article.

The link to the site is: Landing Talent: Keeping Focused on Both the Emotional and Analytical Elements

It is an article by Vicki Pachera and the title that got me immediately interested was the line "Why would a high caliber individual who has a great job jump ship?"

When I work with my managers we are always looking for the best people for our roles, and when I in turn talk to people this article reminded me that it is not just about $$$$ or Title of a role that gets people to change jobs. I think when approaching people about a potential role, you need to find out what a person's circumstances are and what the plan is for themselves from a work perspective and otherwise. In talking to people in detail like this it is then that you can see if a role may be of interest to them and see if your current opportunities fit what they are looking for.

There are so many opportunities at Oracle, the right one may not exist for a person today, but I cannot count the number of times I have called somebody back after 1, 2, 6, 12 months etc... as the ideal role has come up for them at a later date.

Finding a new role needs to be a collaborative effort. I think the role needs to fit the candidate as much as the candidate needs to fit the role and it is in talking to people that we get to put that fit together.

So if I am talking to you about work with us, don't be shy to tell me your aspirations, plans and goals - we may have a role that helps get you there.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Oracle Corporation is on Facebook

For those of you who use or are on Facebook, Oracle Corpoation has a group set up for anyone interested in sharing information or learning more about Oracle.

The link to the site is: Oracle on Facebook

Here you can join discussion groups and conversations about a range of topics from technical conversations to the business side of Oracle.

There is a lot of information in general about Oracle available, but let me know if you have any questions locally in the region and I can help where I can.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Are Permanent Roles more attractive than Contracts in today's market

I recruit for multiple business lines for Oracle and one trend that I have been noticing for the past while is that more and more contractors are approaching me for permanent work with Oracle.

This trend started late last year with a number of contract candidates with a specific skill set approaching me and again I have seen this happen this year over the past few months. I think that contractors are looking for permanent work now as an option due to a number of factors.

1) In the industry a number of large implementation projects have come to a close and I do not believe there have been similar sized projects requiring the contract numbers there was a few years back.

2) I think people are interested in working at Oracle to get the chance grow and develop their careers and get the opportunity to do some industry leading work. I think people have seen Oracle's success over the past few years and want to be associated with that. We have some great employees that really drive our culture here that attracts people to us.

3) I believe that to a smaller degree the economic uncertainty, rising interest, petrol prices, etc.... has caused some contractors to look for that stability that a permanent role provides.

I read a number of the job reports that are published in the market and while they give mixed results depending on whose reports you read, these comments above are just what I have seen in my role talking daily to people in the IT industry that I have noticed mover the past 6-9 months more than in previous years.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Is Twitter ( the new LinkedIn

I started using LinkedIn just over two years ago and it was one of the first of the social networking tools that I started using regularily in the day to day responsibilities of my job. LinkedIn now has over 20+ million using the site and the number is growing exponentially. It seems LinkedIn is mentioned in almost every conversation about online networking and in ANZ it has become a much more widely accepted recruitment tool than it once used to be.

Since LinkedIn, we hear more and more about Social Networking Tools and Web 2.0 technology. Over the past few years I have been invited to join countless networks (plaxo, spoke, facebook, myspace, oldfriends etc.......) and I find that it is too much to try to be on every network that is out there. Outside of regional networks (for example in New Zealand) I tend to use 3 main sites which are:

1) LinkedIn - usedmainly for work and professional contacts
2) Facebook - used for work, professional, family and friends
3) Spoke - used as a tool for performing targetted search and selection.

I find many of the other sites available replicate the information provided from these sites. One site however that I have been hearing a fair bit about lately is Twitter ( A number of people I have spoken to think that Twitter is the next generation of Online Social Networking sites. I have signed up for it earlier this week and while I have not had an in-depth look into it, from first glance it looks very similar to the other sites out there - so I am not sure where all the hype is coming from.

I think it partially maybe due to the fact that the uptake of these sites in ANZ is usually 12-18 months behind the US so it may be that this site is not as widely accepted or broadcast yet locally - but if anyone is using Twitter or has comments/suggestions about it, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oracle's Q4 Results

I read this analysis this morning on Oracle's Q4 Results. I thought it was interesting reading to share with everyone. It looks like we are continuing to take away business from SAP.

Oracle’s Q4 results analysis by ZDNet's Dennis Howlett -- Oracle’s Q4 earnings call has just finished. According to Safra Catz, Oracle CFO, the company delivered the company’s highest operating margin at 41% for the quarter with software license updates and product support exceeding $10 billion for the year. By the numbers for the quarter: New software licenses: $3.1 billion, an increase of 27% in US$ Software [...]

Friday, June 20, 2008

Oracle ANZ Sales Kickoff - Sydney

I have just come back this afternoon from Oracle's ANZ Sales kickoff which was held in Sydney (thanks to the Management and the Sales Teams for the invitation). It was a great chance to meet up with a number of people I have not seen for some time and meet some new faces as well.

More importantly I thought was that this was a great opportunity to review and see the success of our Sales Teams last FY and come together as an organasition to make sure we succeed next year as well.

The day was run quite well and the team at the Sheraton Hotel did a great job. It has been a big couple of days with a number of meetings over the course of the week as well and while I probably am a little worse for wear today, it was certainly well worth the time to go to Sydney and meet with the rest of the Oracle Sales Business.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Section: What it is like working at Oracle

Hi all,

I mentioned earlier that I wanted to give people some insight into what it is like to work here at Oracle. With all the new industries and solutions we now offer and work in we have a number of Business Units in Oracle who all work together to provide solutions to our customers.

What I am plan to do is provide a quick overview on what it is like to work with some of the Business Groups in Oracle that I deal with. I have created a new tab on this Blog below titled "What it is like working at Oracle".

Here, I plan to explain what some of our Business Groups do and what makes it exciting to work in each group. The first group I have written about is our Applications Business Development Team. They are a great group of people I really enjoy working with.

I hope you like this new section and feel free to let me know your thoughts, questions, etc....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

BEA Employees Joining us and Lunchtime Basketball

The BEA acquisition is finally complete and we will get the opportunity to meet the new employees coming over from BEA. It will be good to meet everyone and I think this will certainly strengthen our position in the Middleware space.

On a side note, we played our first basketball game here at Oracle Melbourne in a long time at lunch today, we had a good turn out with 11 people and while we were all a bit rusty it was good to get out and play again.

More updates to come!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Open Positions in Oracle APAC

Hi all,

I have listed some of the open roles we are currently looking to fill in Oracle APAC. If you are interested in more information about these positions please feel free to call me or email me at or +61 3 8616 3364.

This list is by no means all the roles we are looking to fill, I will update this with more positions as I get some time.


David T

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oracle APAC Recuitment FY09 Meetings

I have just returned from Thailand where I have had the opportunity to meet my colleagues and fellow Oracle Recruiters from our Singapore, China, India, Australia and Philippines offices.

I feel lucky to be working in such a great team and in such a dynamic and progressive thinking company. After meeting everyone from Oracle Recruitment and seeing first hand how they do what they do I have learned so much and have put on my thinking cap.

It was interesting to note that for all the different locations that we recuit in whether it is New Zealand, India or Hong Kong the same principles apply. As Oracle's Recruitment Team we are tasked to find the right people for the jobs we have open, but I think it is equally important to find the right job for the people we talk to. If we can achieve that I think we set up a winning situation for everyone involved.

I will update more in the coming days including some of the roles we actively recruitng for.


David Talamelli

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Oracle North America Recruitment Contact Details

To contact the Oracle North America Recruitment Team, you can use the following form below:
Your Name :
Your Email :
Subject :
Message :
Image (case-sensitive):

If this form is not working, you can contact also contact Jason Nowell of Oracle's North America Recruitment Team at:

Jason Nowell
US Tel +1 303 399 3559

Friday, February 1, 2008

What it is like working at Oracle

Applications Business Development Team

The Applications Business Development team focuses on the creation of new sales opportunities for us within the commercial market.

The exciting thing about working in this team is the exposure to several facets of Oracle's application business, including sales, marketing, industry & solution presales, as well as working with the Oracle partners. The team includes members from each country throughout the Asia-Pacific, which fosters a diverse approach to demand generation.

Employees in the business get the chance to interact with executives in multiple industries as they qualify sales opportunities. They then incorporate other resources within Oracle - and the partner community - to bring our sales deals through to closure.

Watch this Business Group, because we plan to increase Oracle's foothold on the mid-market as we work to incorporate Oracle's Business Accelerators. This will ensure that all potential customers see reasonable prices and fast implementations.

When we are looking for people to join this group, I find people are always interested in talking to us, as I mentioned in an earlier post it is important to find the right role for potential candidates in Oracle and if you are looking for great sales opportuntity - the Oracle Apps Business Development Team may be the group for you.

Middleware Sales Team

As the fastest growing business in Oracle, our Middleware Sales Team in ANZ is a team within Oracle that has been actively recruiting of late. The Middleware Sales Group focuses on building solutions for customers in many different areas related to Security, User Interaction, SOA, Business Process Management, New Application development, Complex Event Processing, and providing a foundation for Fusion Applications.

The exciting thing about working in this team is the opportunity to work for the fastest growing area at Oracle and in the IT market. This means you will need to thrive in an environment of growth, teaming, and change. We have built a successful Sales Team including recent additions through the acquisition of BEA. Employees in the business get the chance to work on a number of different solution areas and large deals. Customers see the need for Middleware as they try to solve their everyday business problems. Often you need to be creative and think differently as customers look to you and your team as a solution to their most pressing needs.

Watch this space, we plan on taking on our competitors aggressively yet increasing profitability, and our customer base in Australia and New Zealand. The Sales GM moved to Australia six years ago from Oracle in California and he imagined Oracle would be the same dynamic place to work with a lot of intelligent, motivated people as in San Francisco. He found this was absolutely the case, but found that Oracle was the best kept secret in Sydney and Melbourne. Most people in the industry did not understand how smart, motivated, and really enthusiastic this group is! If you come to work at Oracle you will get a real buzz out of coming to work. If you like challenges and rewards for rising to these challenges, you will get a lot out of being here.

Retail Global Business Team

One of the first Business Groups that I started doing work with when I joined Oracle almost 3 years ago was our Retail Global Business Unit (RGBU).

The Retail Business Group is the number one provider of innovative and comprehensive industry software solutions for retailers – enabling organizations to serve their customers better by applying insight into daily business decisions for more profitable results. With software that provides supply chain, operations, merchandising, store systems, optimization as well as enterprise applications and infrastructure software, Oracle partners with the world’s leading retail companies, including 20 of the top 20 retailers worldwide, to transform the economics of their businesses.

The exciting thing about working in this team is that working in the Retail Business Group provides exciting opportunities to work nationally, regionally and globally on marquee customer projects. Employees in the business get the chance to implement the latest versions of the Oracle Retail assets on their projects while working to help their customers achieve success.... Watch this space as we extend our growth into Asia Pacific and Japan working with the rest of Oracle as One Red Team.

CRM On Demand Solution Consulting Team (SaaS)

The CRM On Demand Solution Consulting Group works together with the CRM On Demand Sales team to understand customer issues and needs and translates the CRM On Demand product capabilities into a solution to address those needs. In other words, we are constantly presenting and demonstrating our lovely application! Often we also find ourselves evangelizing this SaaS product. Education and knowledge transfter both in- and outside of Oracle is an important component of our work as product specialists.

The exciting thing about working in this team is that we are basically a startup inside a larger organization. CRM On Demand is 4 years old and in its 15th release. We don’t only have a rapidly evolving, class leading product, we have the customer base and pipeline. Since we are specialists, we tend to travel more than others and this is also an interesting part to working for Oracle at the moment.

This team really get the chance to show what they are made off. We have the latest technology at our fingertips, all we need to do is show how can effectively leverage the Oracle Eco System of our local partner and Oracle sales community to bring deals in the door.

Watch this space, we are in the middle of launching our Social CRM applications on a multi-week APAC wide roadshow. These apps are only the beginning of an exciting stream of end-user focussed SaaS applications that Oracle is bringing to market. If you are keen to be part of something new, rather than watching things unfold from the sidelines, CRM On Demand Consulting could be something for you.

Oracle Technology Sales Team

The Technology Sales group is responsible for the growth of the world's #1 database platform and related products including Middleware and Business Intelligence offerings.

The exciting thing about working in this team is that the Technology sales groups provides opportunities to work across many and varied customers from lone developers, small and midsize business, or large corporate enterprise across multiple business and technical focus areas. New innovations such as the HP Oracle Exadata Storage Server provides new opportunities.

The Technology sales group provides the opportunity to work on large complex sales engagements, across the spectrum of Oracle customers, providing a broad range of Oracle technology offerings that support vertical industries such as Financial Services, Telco, Retail and Government to horizontal solutions such as Financials , HCM, SCM etc.

Oracle will continue to focus on developing and extending the core technology offering to provide innovation and leadership to customers. Innovations such as the HP Oracle Exadata Storage Server and the HP Oracle Database Machine, revolutionise high performance data warehousing. Customers are experiencing performance boosts of 10x or more over their current Oracle data warehouses.

Oracle APAC Recruitment Contact Details

To contact the Oracle APAC Recruitment Team, you can use the following form below:
Your Name :
Your Email :
Subject :
Message :
Image (case-sensitive):

If this form is not working, you can contact also contact members of the APAC Recruitment Team at:

For General Enquiries and for opportunities in ANZ and ASEAN:
David Talamelli
AU Tel +61 3 8616 3364
NZ Tel +64 99 77 2162

For Enquiries in Greater China and Northern APAC Region:
Lucy Zhuang
CN Tel +8610 6535 6566

For Enquiries in India:
Prashant Singh
IN Tel +91 80 4029 8440

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I am a Recruiter for Oracle Corp in the APAC region focussing on our Recruitment in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines with some exposure to other APAC based countries.

Over the last few years that I have worked at Oracle, Oracle has continued to position itself as a leader in the IT Industry. I hope to share some of my thoughts on day to day life here at Oracle, Recruitment in the APAC region, web 2.0 and anything else in general I can think of.

Please feel free to mail me your comments, thoughts or insights and I hope you enjoy reading some of this information.


David T

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