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Monday, November 24, 2008

Create your own Luck – by Prashant Singh

Hello folks, I am one of the Recruiters for Oracle based out of Bangalore office.

We often get to hear how someone got lucky to get a job or was lucky to be promoted, etc… While some people think they just got lucky in life and that’s that, I honestly think you tend to create your own luck in both your work and personal life.

To reach our goals, the secret to success is within us, what do I mean by this?
I think that this means that by using the Laws of Nature you create your own reality - Good or Bad. Good thoughts and actions create good outcomes and vice versa. The Positive energy created from within us influences each one of us to move towards success. It’s the feeling that we create in our day-to-day life, at work, at home or anywhere else.

People create their own luck by doing the things that puts them in a position to succeed. For example – by having a LinkedIn account, messaging on Twitter, submit their resume’s in recruitment portals, being involved in the IT Community, etc… it is more likely you will get noticed and called up “out of the blue” by a Recruiter. While some people think getting a call like this is lucky, it is not luck at all but really the work that someone does to make themselves get noticed and be found by Recruiters.

In short, you can create you own luck by getting things done at the right place and at the right time.

Earlier this year at our Recruitment Kickoff in India I heard other success stories, thoughts and the passion for recruitment from members of our Recruitment Team. So many of our colleagues here at Oracle share a passion for recruitment and have the zeal to innovate – I think we are creating our own luck through our great teamwork and dedication. If you are interested in “creating your own luck” contact us, we may have that next career role you are looking for.

The author of this article has been with Oracle India Recruitment Team for the past two years and can be contacted on


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