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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oracle's Acquisition Strategy Continues Part 5

Oracle Buys Haley - Expands Oracle’s Applications Drive into Social Services; Adds Enterprise Policy Automation for Legislated and Regulated Industries

Oracle Buys Haley (Ruleburst)

Today, Oracle announced it has agreed to acquire RuleBurst Holdings Limited, the parent company of Haley Limited, a leading provider of policy modeling and automation software, to create an end-to-end solution for social services agencies.

Social service agencies are moving to commercial software to automate entitlements. With limited resources to serve a growing constituency, these agencies need to administer and distribute entitlements consistently and accurately as defined by the underlying legislation. Haley's policy automation platform translates legislation and policies into defined, automated rules that are deployed in an application.

Together with Oracle’s ERP and Siebel CRM applications, Oracle expects to create the first packaged software solution for social services agencies with an enhanced case management application utilizing Haley to drive eligibility determinations.

Haley management and employees are expected to join Oracle to form a global business unit focused on enterprise policy automation solutions across multiple industries. Haley’s CEO Dominic O’Hanlon is expected to lead the business unit as Senior Vice President and General Manager.


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