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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Get to Know Your Oracle Recruiter - Prashant Singh and his Bass Guitar

We have so many talented people that work at Oracle, and while we have some great technical minds here, we also have people with a range of other skills and talents as well. The other week I had the opportunity to talk to Prashant Singh who is one of our Recruiters in our India Recruitment Team about what it is like to work here at Oracle and hear more about the band plays in outside of work Chromatix.

1) How long have you been with Oracle, what is your role? I have been associated with Oracle since Jan 2007 as a Recruiter for Oracle APAC.

2) How has the use of Web 2.0 Technologies changed the way you recruit? The use of Web 2.0 Technology has really changed our ways of recruiting in many ways.

a) The use of Linkedin, Twitter and Blogging has brought recruitment to a complete new level. We can get connected to candidates across geographic region, get personal touch with right candidates and give them the right opportunity.
b) With the use of Web 02 Tech we are able to exchange our thoughts and ideas in a better way.
c) There is a huge scope of learning for us Recruiters to understand new techniques of recruitment using Web 2.0 Tech.

3)What do you love about working at Oracle? I love working with Oracle for many reasons, I personally enjoy being associated with people who are innovative, who think and act creatively and Oracle is just the right place with great talents. Being a part of the Oracle Recruitment Team I have had many opportunities to do things differently and have worked with many very talented people and had vast amounts of fun achieving spectacular results. I have always enjoyed the support and encouragement from senior management and peers. Oracle brings out the best in me.

4) How long have you been playing bass guitar? Are you in a band? what type of music do you play? I have been playing Bass Guitar since my college days where I use to be a part of the Christian College Cultural team. I am currently associated with a very versatile professional Band - Chromatix. Chromatix is certainly one of few bands that can play a wide variety of music ranging from Western Classical, Pop/Fusion, Rhythm and Blues, Ballads, Rock 'N Roll, to Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal. The hallmark of a Chromatix performance is a blend of excellent sound quality and super tight coordination between band members.

5) What song would you say best describes what it is like to work at Oracle? Work at Oracle is a blend of an excellent work environment, work culture and ethics, pool of very talented individuals, best place for work-life balance, innovative and do things differently. I would categorise Oracle Corporation as a Fusion genre of music, as it is a blend and flare of Fusion.


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